Bakery and cake shop

Les Intolerants Gourmands 
Bakery gluten-free, lactose-free and organic

Boulangerie Odélices
Bakery, gluten-free and lactose-free
Grand'Rue 12
1522 Lucens

Sonia Morel
Home made bakery, gluten-free and diary-free
Tel.: 078 779 69 05

Chocolaterie, tea room
Rue Micheli-du-Crest 1
1205 Geneva
Tel. +41 22 329 90 06
All the chocolate is not gluten-free and diary-free, ask to the seller.

Sonja Dessert & Santé
Gluten-free and diary-free bakery
Region Geneva-Lausanne-Vevey

Vital Way
Restaurant and bakery gluten-free, diary-free and corn-free
Delivery of bread at home.
12, rue de chantepoulet 
1201 Genève