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The Brain Microbiome: a new discovery with important potential implications on brain health?

We already know about the gut microbiome or gut flora - the population of bacteria and other microbes that live in our gut. Recently, Dr. Marco Ruggiero has started to study the brain microbiome - the microbes that live in our brain, and the impact of those microbes on the function of the human brain.
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Having a dog: The best way to Live Healthier and Longer

Having a dog is one of the best investments for your health and your whole family's.
According to studies, people who have a dog have a longer presumed life span of 10 years (1).
The exercise done thanks to the necessary daily walks, the unconditional love, the company, the fidelity and the protection that a dog offers you; and the love that a dog portrays in their owner, these are all factors that spectacularly improve someone’s health. Additionally, there exists dogs trained for people with disabilities and for kids with a development disorder.
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Natural anti-inflammatories

It is well known that anti-inflammatory medicines are associated with a long list of harmful side effects so, many people search for natural remedies to treat pain and inflammation.
In this post I call into question the need of fight inflammation, which is a thought shared by both conventional and alternative medicine.
I offer other solutions to alleviate inflammation while respecting the wise decisions of the body concerning the need of the inflammatory process.
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Auto-immune diseases and allergies: an error of human nature?

Auto-immune diseases and allergies have in common that they are considered by conventional medicine as a malfunction of immune system.
But, are there any other hypothesis? Is it possible that in reality the organism is not wrong, but it is giving the most adequate response in the given circumstances?
If it’s not a failure of the immune system, have the anti-inflammatory remedies any sense?
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Forest fruits tart with apple crust

These tarts are made without any kind of four. An apple is used for the tart base or crust, in which a filling that could be fruit puré or chocolate or whatever one wishes can be filled with;  and on top there is fruit like strawberries, blueberries or raspberries.
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