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Nutrition for optimal brain function

We all long for an optimal brain function, but most people, from children to the eldest, complain about brain weaknesses: lack of memory, poor concentration, learning disorders, poor results at school, low performance at work, absent-mindedness, hyperactivity, … 
We can do a very important job using different therapies for the brain function, but it is very hard work to improve these issues when there is a physiological problem, which can come from an incorrect nutrition. 
Check in this article if your diet is healthy enough in order to sustain a high brain performance.. 
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To what extend does nutrition affects psychology?

In a previous article I introduced the narrow relationship between body and mind; and I concluded that a physical and/or psychological perturbation may be the origin of any physical and/or psychological disease.
In this present article I would like to focus on the influence of physical disorders on psychological diseases, and more specifically, to what extend nutrition can change our mind.
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Raynaud syndrome, neuropathies, fatigue, concentration deficit, somnolence, brittle nails

Raynaud’s disease, tingling and numbness in hands and feet, cramps, fatigue, concentration difficulty, drowsiness, … these diseases may have different causes, but one of the most important one is a problem in the circulatory system, that prevents to provide the needed energy to the extremities and to the brain.
After experiencing these diseases for several years, I explain in this article my conclusions about the influence of nutrition and life style on these diseases.
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Next Workshops by Healthy Kids Nutrition group

"L’impact de la nutrition sur les troubles de l’apprentissage” / “Impact of nutrition on learning disorders"
April 8th 10:00 to 11:00
at Grand Hôtel du Domaine de Divonne.
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"Brain Fitness: How to improve concentration and learning"
May 6th  09:30 to 10:30
at Impact Hub Geneva
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"Anxiety and Depression - Nutritional Solution for Your Child"
May 3rd and 4th
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Oven-Baket Carrots and Parsnips Fries

When there’s a potato intolerance, one alternative to french fries are carrot and parsnips fries. 
Parsnips are not allowed in GAPS diet, so if you follow that diet only carrot fries will be possible.
Here you will find a very easy recipe to enjoy something similar to french fries.
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