Food Intolerances Coaching

Label reading:

Malt, maltodextrin, lactoglobulin, E325 sodium lactate, ... how to identify products that contain gluten, milk, egg? What is hidden under the Food Additives? Under which words gluten, dairy products, etc. are hidden? I will teach you to recognize the words on the labels stating a possible gluten, milk, eggs, sugar content or the product that you are intolerant of. Also identify products that usually contain the foods you want to avoid or that may contain it eventually.
Once we have identified the products not allowed, we must learn how to substitute them with the others that are allowed: oil or margarine instead of butter, gluten-free flours, etc.

Do the shopping:

Where and what to buy? We put into practice the knowledge we acquired about labels and replacement products.
We make in advance the shopping list according to a menu for the whole week. You are asking what you would like to eat and we make together the list of products we need to buy.
Also there is the possibility to do the shopping on the Internet.
We go to the supermarket and do the shopping together of all these products.

Basic cooking classes:

Make bread, a basic cake, cookies, a base of a pie and a pizza. 

Personalized cooking classes:

You can choose from my list of recipes which ones you want to learn. 

Bacteriological cooking classes:

Fermented products (vegetables), acknowledge the quality of fresh products you buy, food preservation. 

Home-made Diary Products:

Learn how to make your lactose-free yogurt, kefir, ghee and sour cream. 

Home cooking classes:

For persons who are not accustomed to make their home cooked meals and wants to stop eating precooked foods. We learn how to cook vegetables, meat, fish, make an omelet, etc. 

Raw food:

Learn how to make rpies, pizza, cookies, brownies, etc. 


What can we eat in a restaurant? I teach you the guides of restaurants that exist for persons with intolerances on the Internet. I can also recommend a few places in the Geneva-Lausanne region.

The cooking lessons take place in Nyon.

Contact-me to schedule an appointment.