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In this course we will approach some of the basics of  gluten-free home-made food:
  • sauces: bechamel and mayonnaise
  • baking some deserts gluten and diary free, optionally also fructose free
  • preparing some dishes for picnic at school
  • yummy vegetable recipes for kids
  • working with eggs: separate whites and yolks, whipping whites
Date: 30/11/2013
Hour: 09 : 30
Duration: 6 Hours 
Location: Route de l'Etraz 8, 1267 Vich (Gland)
Contact: Gemma
Phone: +41 22 518 07 92
Cost: The cost of the lessons is 70 CHF per person for the morning plus lunch, and 50 CHF for the session in the afternoon

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