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Monday 3 rd February 2014
Nuts are very rich in beneficial nutrients: contain a huge amount of minerals, mostly magnesium, calcium and potassium; vitamins, such as folic acid; unsaturated fatty acids, proteins, fiber, antioxidants, etc.
But they contain some anti-nutrient substances that avoid the correct absorption of these minerals and can disturb health in some persons.
This other post on gemmacalzada.com there's more detailed information about these anti-nutrients.

Following is the information about how to prepare all kind of nuts to avoid one of the disadvantatges of these food: phytic acid.

Sunday 19 th January 2014
Whole grains are usually regarded by most nutritionists as healthier than white rice because they contain more nutrients and causes a lower insulinic response. But not all are benefits, in certain people brown rice can create certain problems. This post on gemmacalzada.com gives some details about the pros and cons of whole grains.

This article shows how to prepare whole rice or whole grain to avoid one of the drawbacks of these foods : phytic acid.


Friday 17 th January 2014
Daily life for people with gluten intolerance became a little bit complicated. Some schools and canteens don’t prepare gluten-free meals and maybe you don’t trust that it's absolutely free of traces. Even more, if you want to eat organic, home-made and if you have more intolerances, then it’s completely impossible.
I give you some ideas of cold meals to bring at school or at work. They are very easy and quick, because we don’t like waking up even earlier in the morning to prepare them. You can cook the rice, potatoes or meat the previous night, but there’s always something to do in the morning: adding raw vegetables, making sandwiches, put in the lunch box, etc.


Wednesday 20 th November 2013
Fructose intolerance appears when there’s a malabsorption of fructose in the intestine. Fructose is then fermented by the gut flora and gas and other chemical harmful substances are created.
The most common symptoms are bloating and gas, tummy aches, and eventually, in the acute cases, diarrhea or constipation, heartburn, nausea and vomiting.
There is a respiratory test for diagnose of this intolerance, here you can find more information. 
If the result is positive, then it would be needed to avoid all the fructose-rich food: fruits, some vegetables, grains and sugars. In any case, the sensitivity is different for every person, and it can change depending on the days: stress, fatigue, etc.
Fructose intolerance use to be together with lactose and sucrose intolerance. So it’s better to test for these intolerances too when there’s a known fructose intolerance.

Wednesday 6 th November 2013
If your kids don’t like vegetables, you can try to hide them in another dishes they prefer or try topping with a home-made sauce (mayonnaise, ketchup, béchamel, tomato, etc).
You can try to find another way of cooking them that taste better for them: baking in the oven, boiling, steaming, grilling, frying, etc. Although steaming is, of course, the healthier way, it’s more important at the beginning to succeed make them eat the vegetable. Some time later, you can try cooking them in more healthier way.
Also, you can try different kinds of textures and presentations: puree, soup, small bits, grated, sticks, etc. Often, vegetable juice is well accepted if mixed with some fruit. You can begin with a juice made of carrot and apple.

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