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Lacto-fermented beetroot

Tuesday 10 th September 2013

We have seen how to make sauerkraut. A part from kale, we can lactoferment all vegetables (carrot and beetroot mainly) and these vegetables will have all the virtues of lactofermented food and they taste very good, especially the beetroot is really delicious!


Vegetables (carrot, beetroot, garlic, cauliflower, broccoli, etc.)

Kitchen tools

Kitchen grater for vegetables
Big bowl
Glass hermetic container of approx. 75 cl


1 -. Cut beetroot into small cubes with a knife.

2 -. Pour a teaspoon of salt and mix the vegetables with salt.

3 -. Press with fingers to properly compress the vegetables and squeeze out the air inside.

4 -. Add water in sufficient quantity to cover the vegetables and some more.

5.- Leave to ferment better in a cellar, otherwise cover with a cloth to let in in darkness. The time can vary greatly depending on the temperature. In winter, temperatures of 10 to 15 º C must wait 2 weeks. About 20ºC it must be kept for 1 week. It should remain crisp and pleasant to taste.

Tip: You can use latex mitts to avoid red hands.

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