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Lacto-fermented carrot

Tuesday 10 th September 2013

The lacto-fermented carrot is prepared similar to lacto-fermented beets, but the result is more stable because the beet can easily go in alcoholic fermentation due to its high sugar content. I remind you of the extraordinary virtues lactofermented food.


Carrot: about 500gr
Salt: about 5 gr or 1 small teaspoon

Kitchen tools

Kitchen grater for vegetables
Big bowl
Glass hermetic container of approx. 75 cl


1.- Grate carrot.

2.- Pour a teaspoon of salt and mix the carrot with salt.

3.- Press with fingers to properly compress the carrot and squeeze out the air inside.

4.- Add water in sufficient quantity to cover the carrot and some more.

5.- Leave to ferment covered with a cloth or inside a cupboard to let in in darkness. The time can vary greatly depending on the temperature: about 20ºC it must ferment during 1 week, some days more if the temperature is colder and some days less if it's hotter. It should remain crisp and pleasant to taste.

6.- Keep in the fridge.

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