About Gemma Calzada

I’ve had a wide range of experience in living without gluten, without dairy products, without eggs, without nuts, without sugars and without oils.

Originally, I was a computer engineer, with my roots in Catalonia, and I’ve always been passionate about science. I thank my mother for having taught me that food is one of the essential keys to living in good health.

In February 2008, my daughter was diagnosed with celiac disease, after many years of fighting continual physical and mental illnesses. I had already become interested in alternative therapies a few years before that, and from the moment that we found out what was causing my daughter’s illnesses, I began to explore how to treat it.

I visited a naturopath who introduced me to the Seignalet diet. Right there and then, I decided to follow a diet without gluten and dairy products myself. Since then, my health problems have lessened and my health is much improved.

I read many books about nutrition and the more I learn, the more the health of my family improves. Sometimes, the results are spectacular: 8 years of chronic bronchial asthma was cured in 6 months, the children no longer have frequent earaches or nasopharyngitis, and in fact, they are rarely ill now (1 cold per year, maximum!)

In 2011, I decided to undertake nutritional training in the Stelior nutrition school in order to become a therapist and help other people like us improve their health through nutrition. I am now qualified in dietary nutrition and detoxifying.

When my daughter was diagnosed with celiac disease, my life completely fell apart. I had never liked cooking at all, even if I tried to cook healthily. I cooked very simple things and I bought pre-prepared products, which of course contained gluten. So I learned how to cook, taking cooking lessons and using the Internet, and now I love trying new recipes.

Today, with “Living Gluten Free,” I offer my personal experience and scientific knowledge to coach those who are suffering from food intolerance. As a nutritional therapist, I can also guide those who wish to find out if their diet is inadequate, if they have intolerances, or if these intolerances are the source of their illnesses.