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Tomato sauce: Napolitana and Bolognese

Thursday 10 th October 2013

Making a good tomato sauce needs a lot of time of preparation and cooking, and even more, if you don’t take care, the kitchen will finish with tomato everywhere! But the flavor of a home-made tomato sauce is incomparable to the commercial one.
The ingredients can be very different in every country, even in every family: basilic, carrot, pepper, garlic, vinegar, etc. can be added if you prefer. This is the recipe that my mother showed me.


7 or 8 ripped tomatoes
1 big onion or 2 small
olive oil
500 gr chopped beef (for bolognese sauce)


1.- Boil the tomatoes in a saucepan until they they are cooked. You will notice it because the skin will open. Depending of the kind of tomatoes, it can take 10 minutes or 20 minutes.

2.- Meanwhile, put a generous amount of oil in a large frying pan.
3.- Peel and grind the onion to a puree

4.- Heat the huile and when it’s hot enough pour the onion.
5.- Cook slowly with the lid, until the onion is golden.

6.- When the tomatoes are cooked, take them out the water and leave them cool down.

7.- Then peel the tomatoes and cut into pieces, separating the hard part of the center.

8.- Pour the tomatoes in a large container for mixer and blend them to a puree.

9.- Pour the tomato puree into the frying pan together with the onion and leave it cook for 1 hour and a half approx., at very slow temperature.
To find out the right temperature: try a medium heating (4 points) and when it begins to splash outside then slow down to a lower heating in a way that it must be boiling but not splashing. Usually 1 or 2 points is enough the first 15 minutes, then leave 3 points for the rest of the time.

10.- You will recognize that the sauce is ready when the sauce stays in his place when you separate it with a spoon.

11.- Add a teaspoon of salt.
12.- Pour the sauce in a glass container when it’s still hot. Leave it warm at room termperature and keep it in the fridge.

For bolognese sauce:
13.- Fry gently the chopped beef with a little bit of oil, cutting it with a fork all the time so it doesn’t stick together.

14.- Add salt to the meat and mix the meat with the tomato sauce.

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