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Tuesday 26 th November 2013

Pancakes are a good solution for a healthy breakfast. This recipe is also GAPS friendly and contains pumpkin, so even more, you get your kid eat vegetables!

gluten-free, dairy-free, full GAPS diet



80 gr (1/2 cup) pumpkin or butternut squash
2 tbsp almond puree previously prepared
2 egg yolks
coconut butter (desodorized) or lard


Bake the pumpkin in an oven until it’s a little soft, about 45 minutes at 150ºC.
Mix pumpkin, almond puree and yolks in a food processor or blender until it’s completely smooth.
Melt a tbsp of coconut butter or lard in a frying pan.
Spoon batter into the frying pan. Be careful, the temperature of the oil must be the minimum hot enough to fry but not too much hot to burn the pancakes. Test with a little bit of batter before.
Fry on one side until lightly brown and flip.
Fry on the other side, until light brown.
Remove from pan and serve warm.

Other options:

You can do other kind of pancakes with other ingredients, depending on your intolerances. For example:

* Chicken pancakes: 1 chicken breast and 3 eggs
* Banana pancakes: 3 ripe banana, 2 eggs, vanilla
* Chicken and liver pancakes: 1/2 chicken with skin and his own gelatin slow cooked, 1/4 cow or chicken liver.
* Almond pancake: 2 tablespoons of almonds and 1 egg
* Coconut pancake: coconut flour, eggs, coconut milk, honey (optional), coconut butter, vanilla

In all the recipes, eggs can be replaced by apple or pear pure.

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