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Fruit and vegetable salads

Sunday 9 th August 2015

Salads are the best meal in summer: nourishing, fresh, easy and quick to prepare. There are infinite possibilities, here you will find some beautiful ideas of decorations that you can do with fruit and vegetables so these food become more appetizing and funny. The children of certain age will be able to do some of these shapes by themselves using some special tools, always supervised by an adult, and the youngest ones will be able to do the easier parts of the salad, and everybody will be enchanted with the pretty presentation.

gluten-free, dairy-free, nuts-free, eggs-free, sugar-free, full GAPS diet raw

Using the spiralizer, you can do very easily perfect spaghettis made of zucchini, carrot, cucumber, etc.

This is another way to do spaghettis with a simple tool, although a little bit more dangerous for children:

To create special shapes, flowers and baskets with fruits and vegetables, you can use tools such as the ones on “Decofruit”. In their website you will find a lot of different pretty shapes.

And this is the traditional tool to make melon balls:

A funny and easy way to make salads is simply serving different ready prepared ingredients and let everybody to choose them and create their own salad.

All creations have been made by Núria Duran, 12 years old.

On Internet you will find spectacular creations, such as these flowers made with fruits or these appetizing salads or fruit salads  or these delicious fruit desserts.

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