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16/03/2013 - Cooking pulses
Pulses use to be quite indigestible for most of the persons. They contain anti-nutrients that alter the digestion and avoid the proper absoption of minerals. Some advices to cook them in order to make them more digestibles are:

1.- Soak them in four parts water to one part legume with a pinch of salt and some drops of lemon juice. Change the water once or twice. Lentils require 12 hours soaking, chick peas and beans need 24 hours.

2.- Cook slowly in water for 15-20 minutes for lentils or 1 hour for chick peas and beans.

3.- Add herbs or vegetables with digestive properties: two sage leaves or some slices of fresh fennel during the cooking.

4.- The skin of the legumes is the most indigestible part. It’s better to remove it after the cooking of the chick peas and beans.

5.- Salt must be added at the end.

The association of pulses with a cereal gives a complete protein source.