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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2020

Savoury cake

A simple everyday meal can become a festive dish if it is presented as a cake. Simply by using a cake mold, place several layers of different foods and decorate the top.
The cake allows for different variants. The image shows one made of potatoes, spinach, salmon, egg and salad.
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Put an end to your headaches without any kind of medicine

Headaches can be caused by certain foods when there is a predisposition to suffer neurological diseases, and also it can be due to bad life habits.
In this article we expose the main sources of headaches.
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Vegan or paleo? Choose vegan and paleo!

Vegan or paleo? Two approaches to nutrition that are completely opposed. How is it possible that both have considerably improved the health of many people?
Vegan and paleo!. Why not unite both approaches, taking the best of each one, to form a diet that is even better?
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David's testimonial

The scientific literature on nutrition is very complex and full of contradictions. I am very critical about experts and very grateful to have met Gemma five years ago when I was looking for answers about celiac disease. 
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Vegan cucumber sandwiches

A healthy and funny way to make a sandwich of only raw vegetables.
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