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18/05/2014 - How to succeed getting kids (and adults) eat lacto-fermented vegetables
Lacto-fermented food is very important in order to recover the gut microbiome, read this article to know why. But lacto-fermented food, such as sauerkraut or lacto-fermented carrot, has a very strong sour taste that sometimes is not very well appreciated by kids and some adults, specially if they have a bacterial overgrowth at mouth. Beside the sour taste, also there are some people with sensitive teeth because a damaged enamel (read here a remedy).
Here you will find some tricks in order to make lacto-fermented food more tasty and succeed in eating such an important therapeutic food.

25/01/2014 - Vegetable spaghetti
This vegetal spaghetti is a funny alternative to classic pasta for a GAPS diet. Also, it can be an attractive way to get kids to eat vegetables.

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06/11/2013 - How to succeed getting kids eat vegetables
If your kids don’t like vegetables, you can try to hide them in another dishes they prefer or try topping with a home-made sauce (mayonnaise, ketchup, béchamel, tomato, etc).
You can try to find another way of cooking them that taste better for them: baking in the oven, boiling, steaming, grilling, frying, etc. Although steaming is, of course, the healthier way, it’s more important at the beginning to succeed make them eat the vegetable. Some time later, you can try cooking them in more healthier way.
Also, you can try different kinds of textures and presentations: puree, soup, small bits, grated, sticks, etc. Often, vegetable juice is well accepted if mixed with some fruit. You can begin with a juice made of carrot and apple.