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Friday 17 th January 2014

Daily life for people with gluten intolerance became a little bit complicated. Some schools and canteens don’t prepare gluten-free meals and maybe you don’t trust that it's absolutely free of traces. Even more, if you want to eat organic, home-made and if you have more intolerances, then it’s completely impossible.
I give you some ideas of cold meals to bring at school or at work. They are very easy and quick, because we don’t like waking up even earlier in the morning to prepare them. You can cook the rice, potatoes or meat the previous night, but there’s always something to do in the morning: adding raw vegetables, making sandwiches, put in the lunch box, etc.


* Sandwich made of gluten-free bread
* Rice pasta salad or plain rice
* Taboulé of quinoa
* Potatoes salad


* ham (Parme or Jabugo)
* foie-gras (without additifs nor gluten)
* boiled eggs, omelette
* smoked salmon (once per week maximum)
* smoked or ham duck
* chicken breast in small pieces
* bacon
* mackerel or sardine in thin (without BPA)
* sausage (without additifs nor gluten)
* saucisse Vienna ou chipolatas (sans additives ni gluten)

and you can also add some vegetables and fruits, raw or cooked, in pieces, slices or grated: onion, tomato, cucumber, broccoli, spinach leaves, salad, apple, …

Olive oil is the best for seasoning.

Other possibilities:

Hummus with “pain des fleurs” toasts with sticks of carrot or cucumber.
* Spanish omelette (avec onions et pommes de terre)
* Breaded meat or fish with vegetables: broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, carrots, …
Quiche of chopped meat or vegetables
* Russian salad: potatoes, green beans, carrot, green peas, mackerel or sardine in thin, olive oil, boiled egg, olives.

Photo by Rubbermaid LunchBlox - Lunch Containers

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