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The cholesterol

Wednesday 22 February 2023 - 20:04

Gemma Calzada blog

Cholesterol level is one of the most usual blood tests, and reaching certain age, the level often exceeds the normal range.
Doctors recommend to adopt certain nutritional mesures and more physical activity, but if it is not effective enough to get the levels down, they recommend to take statins.
It is admitted that statins have some associated side effects, such as muscle, liver and neurologic damage, and an increase of blood sugar and type 2 diabetes. But because the severity of the adverse effects associated to a high cholesterol rate, such as heart attack or embolism, it is argued that the benefits of this medicine overweight the drawbacks.
Is there not any other solution besides statins to control the cholesterol? What is the reason why some people have high cholesterol?

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The problem of cholesterol are the plaques that build up in the inner lining of the arteries that prevent the proper blood flow and develop cardiovascular diseases.

But medicine doesn’t explain why this plaques are formed.

Cholesterol has different functions in the body. It is a required substance in the membrane of every cell, but the body uses it to repair the tissue damages, as Dr. Campbell-McBride explains in her book “Put your heart in your mouth”.

So when for some reason the blood vessels have been damaged, the cholesterol is one of the substances that the organism needs to repair them, creating the famous cholesterol plaques.

The liver produces the amount of cholesterol that the body needs in every moment, and a high production means that there is a considerable tissue damage in the different body tissues.

Lowering the cholesterol levels with medicines leads to slowing down or impairing the healing.

Evidently, we must avoid the risk of developing these cholesterol plaques.

So the solution is to find out the reason why the body is needing so much cholesterol, this is, there is so many tissue damage.

There are mainly two kind of substances that can be pointed out: a toxic agent, and the free radicals derived from an inmune reaction or a radiation, it means, any disease that activates the inmune system or any toxicity we have been exposed to.

But the reaction of the inmune system is not the same in every kind of disease. The mechanism depend on the agent the action is directed to: virus, bacteria, food, toxics, allergens, etc. Which one of these kind of substances are more probably the source of the tissue damage of an inmune response? If the responsible were virus and bacteria, then when we suffer a cold, a flu, etc., the cholesterol level would increase, and infarcts as well; but this is not the case. There is not an association between these two diseases. Neither between allergies and cardiovascular diseases. So food and toxics must be the cause. This is reasonable, as the exposition is chronic, as well as cardiovascular diseases are.

In which circumstances the body reacts against food? In many different reasons, mainly: food intolerances, genetically modified organisms and other synthetic and artificial food.

Concerning food intolerances, the most usual ones are dairy products, gluten and modern grains, nuts, eggs and soy. But any food can be concerned by an intolerance.

Food intolerances can be detected by functional tests in alternative medicine, as well as other different techniques, such as the elimination and reintroduction diet.

So the necessary actions in order to decrease the cholesterol are the same in order to enjoy a good health: decrease our exposition to toxics and follow a good nutrition.

So doctors are correct when they recommend to improve the nutrition and exercise. The problem is that a “balanced diet” is not enough. Food intolerance must be investigated, as well as toxicity of any kind (chemicals, negative emotions, stress, radiation, etc.)

Food intolerances lead not only to cardiovascular diseases; they are involved in most diseases: respiratory, gastrointestinal, muscular, inflammatory, neurological, etc.

I would like to add an observation about how to consider diseases in general. The same way that high cholesterol is a reaction of our body against a harmful agent, and we must avoid this agent, and we mustn’t impede the body action, because it is the way that it is defending and repairing itself; the same can applied in every disease.

Our mis-conception is that the body is wrong when cholesterol rises, or with coughing, fever, mucus, etc., and we alleviate the symptoms lowering these reactions with drugs. But we are preventing a good body recovering.

Our body doesn’t make mistakes; all the contrary, it is very wise. So in general, the way we must behave is always to search the source of these reactions our body is taking, and respecting them.


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