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Cooking lessons: Lacto-fermentation and home-made food

Saturday 5 th July 2014

Date: 5/07/2014
Hour: 09 : 00
Duration: 4 hours
Location: Route de l'Etraz 8, 1267 Vich (Gland)
Contact: Gemma
Phone: 022 518 07 92
Cost: 80 CHF

  • Lacto-fermentation of milk: yogurt and kéfir
  • Lacto-fermentation of vegetables: sauerkraut and carrot
  • Lacto-fermentation of grains: gluten-free bread
  • Nuts: how to prepare them and desserts
  • Eggs: mayonnaise and desserts
  • others ... upon demand

The lacto-fermentation process is the transformation of food sugars in lactic acid. It's possible to do all kinds of lacto-fermented food: vegetables, fruits, cereals, milk, meat, fish, etc. Thanks to this process food gain multiple virtues: click here for more.

Nuts, as well as whole grains and pulses, must be processed before cooking due to the high content in phytic acid, enzimatic inhibitors and other anti-nutrients. More information here.
Once they are ready, it can be baked in different recipes: biscuits, cakes, pancakes, quiche, etc.

Eggs are one of the most nourishing food: amino-acids, good cholesterol, essential fatty acids, vitamin A, B, D and E, calcium, potassium, iron, phosphor, if and only if they comefrom ecologic and pastured hens.  
Eggs allows to do so many recipes; one of the most interesting is mayonnaise. It's also interesting making mousse, flan, and other desserts.

Ask me what recipes you would like to learn and I will try to include them in the program of this course.

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